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Massage Franchise vs. Waxing Franchise: The Difference is More than Skin Deep

Woman at a massage franchise for a facial

Considering opening a massage franchise or looking to expand to offer other services? Here’s why a waxing franchise would be your best bet.

Is Opening a Massage Franchise Risky?

Over the past year or so, we have all learned to prioritize our well-being and that some services are more essential than others. The massage industry, often seen as a luxury service, has inevitably suffered in times of pandemic or recession. It can be viewed as extraneous by the average customer, making it difficult for massage franchise owners to maintain business when challenging and unforeseen circumstances arise.

Once considered a growing industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has hindered the massage profession. Even now, as the world re-emerges, many customers are still reluctant to return to massage studios that have little to offer in the ways of other services. Both financial and personal reasons preclude people from prioritizing luxury spa services the way they might have in the past. It’s hard to predict just how and when the industry will return to “normal.”

When considering adding a massage franchise to your portfolio, take time to weigh all the variables.

Recruitment and Retention

Unlike other self-care service professions, such as waxing, massage therapists are able to operate independently and often make more money doing so. The proliferation of massage franchises makes it additionally unattractive for certified therapists to give up their independently accumulated client roster to work for a franchise that homogenizes the experience. Consequently, many massage franchise owners have a difficult time finding and retaining qualified, quality professionals to staff their businesses. A high turnover rate in such a personal business does little to draw repeat visits from customers looking for trusted service providers.

Massage therapist licensure and certification requirements vary state by state and, in many cases, making it difficult to judge the level of qualifications any particular studio provides. Franchise owners must carefully vet their employees not just for skill and certifications, but for proper ethics. Most states require that massage workers undergo specific training and receive licensure through state agencies. The licensing process ensures that prospective employees are qualified to deliver various types of massage and also uphold professional and healthy behavior with customers.

Due to close contact between massage therapists and customers during sessions, massage franchise owners must prioritize the health and safety of all parties involved. Risks for therapists can range from blood clots to overexertion and pulled muscles. The nature of the profession requires therapists and customers to be alone together, so owners must take extra care for everyone’s personal safety, should anything go sideways. Owners and therapists must also be able to evaluate customers’ extenuating physical risks as, in some cases, a massage can do more harm than good.

Litigation Risks

Because of the intimate nature of the business, massage franchises are open to a range of litigious situations initiated by both customers and massage therapists. Misunderstandings are natural but can lead to costly results. Businesses can take measures to prevent these issues, from training to safety protocol, but many massage franchises must retain legal counsel in preparation for problematic situations.

The World of Waxing

The global waxing industry makes up $11 billion in sales of the overall $46 billion beauty services market, making it one of the most consistently lucrative segments of the industry. Unlike the massage industry, waxing is approached by many customers as a consistent, necessary self-care practice, giving franchise owners a greater opportunity for repeat revenue.

Even during 2020, waxing had an advantage over massage by being deemed as more a necessity than a luxury by many customers. Things were difficult for everyone during the lockdowns. But unlike massage franchises, many waxing franchises were able to maintain relationships with their loyal customers (and gain a new following) by offering self-care products easily used at home.

Waxing With Uni K Wax

In addition to a multitude of waxing services, Uni K Wax provides franchise owners with other revenue streams through the sales (both online and in person) of self-care products such as balms, lotions, and scrubs to help customers maintain and extend the services they received in-studio.

Above all, Uni K Wax prioritizes providing customers with a calming, convenient experience at the hands of highly trained and trustworthy professionals. As a franchise owner, you benefit from the backing of the nation’s first-ever waxing-only studio concept. Uni K has been perfecting its franchise model and customer service capabilities since 1993. Founder Noemi Grupenmager was the first to coin the term “Brazilian Bikini Wax” and began offering over 160 different waxing services provided by certified professionals to customers of all genders within the same studio.

Each Uni K Wax employee undergoes rigorous training to deliver consistent, exceptional results to every customer, every time, giving them a world-class experience that keeps them coming back.

Uni K Wax was able to weather the storm of 2020 by doing what we have always done: focusing on the health and wellness of every person who steps through our studios, be they customers, employees, or owners. Sanitization and cleanliness have always been a priority, so everyone knows that Uni K Wax is a brand to trust not only for its world-class, custom waxing services but emphasis on safety.

The financial potential for opening a Uni K Wax franchise is endless. The total initial investment covers everything from location appraisal to training to marketing support, and the advantageous access to a proprietary wax blend, aftercare products, and a philosophy that sets our brand apart from other waxing franchises.

While some of the same considerations apply to both massage franchises and waxing franchises, Uni K Wax is operating from a proven business model that is all about helping everyone live their best lives. Uni K Wax provides a variety of services and aftercare product lines to benefit both the customer and franchise owners.

Customers can feel confident that they are receiving focused, world-class service, and franchise owners can rest assured that they are backed by a brand that wants to see them succeed. Uni K Wax makes it easy for franchise owners to focus on the wellness of their customers by providing ongoing support and encouragement, updated protocols and marketing approaches, and a beautiful, therapeutic environment in which to run your business. Uni K Wax gives franchise owners the freedom to prioritize your studio’s day-to-day operations while setting you on the course for long-term success.

If you would like to learn more about franchising opportunities with Uni K Wax, please visit us.

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