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Multi-Unit Franchising: Diversifying Your Franchise Investment

Business people talking about multi-unit franchising opportunities

Multi-unit franchising is a great way to diversify your business portfolio and either cover a larger territory or buy into a complementary business. Expand Your Portfolio Multi-unit franchising has become a popular investment strategy in recent years. Through the combination of lower buy-in costs and opportunities for compounded financial gain, entrepreneurs are choosing to strengthen […]

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Build a Successful Waxing Business

image of a successful waxing business

Starting a new business is always an exciting venture, and the waxing industry comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Buying a franchise with an established brand like Uni K Wax sets you up with a successful waxing business model. EDUCATION AND TRAINING Possessing a thorough understanding of the best waxing products […]

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How Uni K Wax Responded to COVID-19

The personal grooming industry has faced various closures and business restrictions this year with the emergence of the Coronavirus. Uni K Wax has adapted and responded by prioritizing the health and safety of our customers and staff while maintaining top-notch service. ONE WAX GUARANTEE Cleanliness and hygienic practices have always been one of the top […]

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Uni K Wax CEO & Founder Noemi Grupenmager

How a bad leg wax inspired a body waxing business empire Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of the Uni K Wax Studio franchise, is a visionary pioneer in the body waxing industry. This “Baroness of Bare” was the first to coin the term Brazilian Bikini Wax, the first to open a waxing-only studio — literally […]

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