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Eyebrow Threading Franchise Alternatives: Picking a Better Franchise

Close up image of a woman getting her eyebrows threaded

Beauty franchises are booming, and those considering an eyebrow threading franchise should also consider alternative beauty franchise investments before making the leap into business ownership.


The popularity around eyebrow threading is two-fold. Customers tend to like eyebrow threading because it’s ideal for those with sensitive skin. Instead of applying wax directly to the skin, thin threads of string are used to pluck hair off the face. This is less harsh on the skin and customers don’t have to worry about wax being applied too hot.

Investors like eyebrow threading franchise opportunities because they’re less expensive. Some threading franchises can be started for under $100,000, others for a little over $200,000. With an affordable investment range, entrepreneurs have the ability to open multiple eyebrow threading businesses to maximize their earning potential.

However, there is a small caveat to owning an eyebrow threading business. Threading is only used for facial hair – therefore limiting the number of services you can offer. Diversification is key to the success of any business. This is why you’ll see that many eyebrow threading franchises also include lash extensions and other beauty services to increase their profit margins. As an owner, offering multiple services is a plus, but consider the amount of money you’ll need to spend to have your whole staff be certified in multiple types of services versus just one.


When researching alternative franchise options to eyebrow threading, you’ll likely come across the concept of a sugaring franchise. But what is sugaring and is it really the best investment option?

To start, sugaring is a hair removal technique stemming back from ancient Egypt. Sugar, lemon, and water combine to create a paste that is then spread onto the skin and pulled off to remove hair. Similar to waxing, the skin needs to be held taut in order to prevent bruising.

While the paste is curated from all natural ingredients, there are some risks to you as a business owner when providing sugaring services:

  • Temperature: The mixture needs to be warm in order for it to spread across the skin and be pushed further into the follicles to pull the hair out. If the paste is too hot, it can burn your customers.
  • Folliculitis: Microorganisms live on our skin. Sugar is a food substance for them. If the paste is left on too long bumps called folliculitis can form and be uncomfortable for your clients.
  • Client skincare: Before providing any sugaring service to a client, you must be clear on what products they’re using on their skin regularly. Those using vitamin C serums, retinol, or steroids like Accutane should not get a sugaring or waxing service.

It’s also important to note that sugaring franchises only recently became popular. As time goes on, there is a chance that sugaring franchises could become a fad and disappear as quickly as they arrived.


Since 1993, our franchise has been providing high-quality services to our customers. Unlike threading, our franchise locations offer waxing services from head to toe. Our locations also have a full line of aftercare products for sale, allowing customers to get the most out of their visit even after they leave the studio. Our proprietary wax formula is derived of all natural ingredients and can be applied at body temperature to allow for the most comfortable experience.

All of our studios also have a wax lab where we prepare our wax blend fresh for every customer. There is never an instance of “double dipping.” At Uni K Wax, it’s imperative that we provide the most hygienic experience to every customer at every appointment.

At Uni K Wax, we’ve also developed our own waxing technique taught to all of our waxers at Uni K University. We educate our franchisee’s staff in both concept and practice, allowing them to produce consistent results every time.

To open a Uni K Wax franchise, we require our candidates to have a net worth of $300,000 and $70,000 in liquid capital. Our initial investment costs range between $349,050 and $575,975 – and while those may be higher than threading franchises, with our vast list of services and full retail line, we provide our franchisees ample opportunity to capitalize on their investment.

Learn more about our franchise opportunity and how our business model is changing the waxing industry for the better. Request info on our website and one of our representatives will be in touch.


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