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How to Maintain Work Life Balance in a Franchise

woman maintaining a work life balance

Maintaining a proper work life balance is essential to the wellness and success of any business owner. Franchising with Uni K Wax allows entrepreneurs to own their own business while also enjoying many of the benefits that independent owners may not have access to. Some benefits include operating under a proven business model with brand recognition and an established customer base, training programs, marketing expertise, and established product systems.

If you feel a work life balance is out of your reach, consider how franchising with Uni K Wax can help.


Even before you open your studio, it’s important that you have a sense of what you would like to accomplish through your business, both short- and long-term. Ask yourself what it will require to achieve these goals. These goals will inform all aspects of how you run your business. Don’t forget to factor in your personal life!

The work/life balance may not look the same to everyone. For some, it may mean prioritizing family time. For others, it may mean the ability to travel abroad once or twice a year. Deciding what you would like for your life is your first step to getting there. Whatever the balance may look like for you, that knowledge will help you recognize when you’ve achieved it.


Your priorities may change over time, even as frequently as day to day. Tools to help you map your priorities may include setting a structured schedule — not just for the studio, but for yourself — planning ahead, tailoring a budget to suit your particular needs, and maintaining a certain amount of flexibility.


One of the great things about hiring a team to work at your Uni K studio is the knowledge that everyone is receiving the same top-tier training, developed specifically to help your business run as seamlessly and successfully as possible. Delegating responsibilities to your highly-skilled team can free you up to tackle other responsibilities and rest easy with the knowledge that your business is in good hands.


Being a part of the Uni K Wax family means just that — you have access to other Uni K franchisees both in your own town and across the country. Trying to solve problems on your own can be overwhelming, particularly if you are a new business owner. So, the opportunity to network with your fellow franchisees can provide invaluable help, feedback, and support from other studio owners who know exactly what you’re going through and are more than happy to lend a hand, or even just an ear. Remember that your fellow franchisees are well-versed in finding that work/life balance and may have tips to help you achieve the same.


Boundaries can be difficult for many entrepreneurs to not only establish but to maintain. We have been raised in a culture that values hard work above all, sometimes to the detriment of personal happiness. But it is possible to achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment without sacrificing your sanity. Setting a concrete, reasonable schedule for yourself is one way to achieve a balance. Even if work is your happy place, it’s important to allow yourself time to spend with friends and family, and other opportunities to relax and recharge. Since we are in the business of personal care, it is important that our customers see that we put a high value on wellness, including our own.


Always remember that while work and professional success may be deeply fulfilling, it is just one aspect of your whole life. Stick to your schedules, ask for help, delegate responsibilities, and prioritize personal development alongside professional growth. If you value your happiness and that of the people you care about, you will be more likely to stick to your goals. Furthermore, your staff will look forward to coming to work for you to help provide excellent services to your customers and make your business a success.


Uni K Wax knows the value of a strong work/life balance and is committed to helping our franchisees achieve success both professionally and personally. To learn more about our franchise opportunities, please visit us.

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