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Wellness Franchises: What to Look for in an Opportunity

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As the self-care movement continues to make waves across the country. Wellness franchises are growing to fit the need. But which type of wellness franchise is the best investment? Here’s what to look for before deciding.

Self-Care Continues to Grow in Importance

The self-care industry was already climbing in popularity before the pandemic. In the days of COVID-19, self-care has only become more of a priority for people. With the uncertainty of the virus, people have been trying to establish self-care routines as a way to better cope with the state of the world. This creates an opportunity for those looking to invest in a wellness franchise.

How to Pick a Strong Wellness Franchise

Finding the right franchise to partner with can be challenging. As the self-care movement shows no potential of slowing down, it’s important to pick a reputable company that will stand the test of time.

Start with You

What are your interests, goals, and skills? There are many different options in the health and wellness industry. Take time to consider what part of health and wellness interests you, how much money you want to earn and where your expertise lies.

Consider how much money you’re willing to invest and what your long-term plan is for your franchise. Are you looking to sell your location(s) when you retire or do you want to pass them down to your family? Be sure to have the answers to all of these questions before you start your research into finding the right wellness franchise.

Find a Wellness Franchise That Stands Out

What’s the unique selling proposition? What does the franchise have that makes them different from anyone else in the wellness industry? As more consumers practice self-care, there is plenty of market share – but to rise above the competition you’ll need to have an exemplary product or service to offer.

At Uni K Wax, we only use our proprietary, natural blend of wax – and we prepare it fresh for every appointment in one of our “Labs,” putting our customers’ hygiene first. One wax blend, one wax warmer, one customer, every time.

Find a Franchise that Appeals to the Masses

There are two main consumer groups within the health and wellness industry – Baby Boomers and Millennials. Baby Boomers are typically trying to improve their quality of life as they age. Millennials consider health and wellness to be a big part of their lifestyle. Partnering with a franchise that provides a product or service that appeals to both groups ensures you’ll have solid audience to cater to.

Waxing is a service that applies to all consumers – older, younger, men and women – all consumers can benefit from regular waxing services. Uni K Wax is a beauty franchise that specializes in waxing, bringing what is normally an add-on service to the forefront.

Find a Franchise with Experience

When researching the right wellness franchise opportunity, you should inquire about the leadership’s industry experience. If they don’t have experience in the wellness industry, ask if they have experience with another type of franchise and are applying their knowledge to the franchise you’re interested in joining.

Starting back in 1993, Uni K Wax’s leadership team, especially founder and CEO Noemi Grupenmager, has decades of experience in hair removal services. All of their waxers have learned Uni K Wax’s specialty waxing technique, putting their customers’ comfort first.

Uni K Wax: A Special Type of Wellness Franchise

Uni K Wax is the first-ever unisex, waxing only studio concept. Founder Noemi Grupenmager was the first to coin the term “Brazilian Bikini Wax” and offer 160 different waxing services – and becoming a regular part of their customers’ grooming regimen.

Uni K Wax’s business model is recession and pandemic proof – focusing on hygiene with their promise of “one wax blend, one wax warmer, each customer, every time,” customers can feel comfortable and safe receiving services from a Uni K Wax studio.

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