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Sugaring Franchises: How they Stack Up to Waxing Franchises

Customer getting waxed instead of going to a sugaring franchise

Hearing a lot about sugaring franchises? Seems like they only just recently started cropping up in the beauty industry. Unsure of what sugaring even is? We break it down for you. See how this trend compares to waxing franchises and which is the better investment.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal technique that uses all natural ingredients – sugar, lemon, and water – to create a sugar paste to remove unwanted hair. The paste is applied to the skin and is pulled off in the same direction as the hair’s growth. The sugar paste does not stick to the top layer of skin and therefore won’t pull on the live cells when the hair is removed. The sugar paste is applied with gloved hands, versus strips – allowing for the paste to be pushed further into the skin.

What’s the Hype Around Sugaring?

Sugaring is an alternative to waxing, depilatory creams, and the ever reliable razor. Since the sugar wax doesn’t stick to the live skin cells and only adheres to the hairs, it tends to be less painful than waxing. The sugar itself does also provide a bit of exfoliation to the skin.

That’s not to say that sugaring doesn’t hurt. Anytime you are removing hair from the root, it’s going to be painful, but sugaring does tend to cause less irritation and redness. Since the hair is being pulled from the follicle, it does take longer to grow back – similar to that of waxing.

You might be wondering, is it worth opening a sugaring franchise? Let’s break it down.

Risks Associated with Sugaring

Hair removal of any kind has its risks to it – pain, irritation, redness, and inflammation – are all common side effects of hair removal, especially when the hair is being pulled out of the skin. Similar to waxing, if the skin is not held tightly when the sugar wax is removed, bruising can occur.

If prone to ingrown hairs, keep in mind that sugaring can cause your customers to get them as the hair grows back – which can be very painful and can potentially get infected. On the other hand, if the sugar paste is left on too long, it can cause folliculitis, or hair bumps on the skin. The sugar acts as food to the microorganisms that live on your skin, which can cause those bumps.

While three simple ingredients, making sugar wax can be difficult in terms of getting the right temperature. You’ll want to make sure all of your estheticians are properly trained on sugar waxing to avoid hurting your customers.

You’ll want to make sure your clients have spoken with their dermatologist before receiving their first sugaring treatment. Those using vitamin C serums or retinol should not get a sugaring service. This also applies to those on steroids or Accutane.

Why Uni K Wax is a Better Option Than a Sugaring Franchise

Even though the technique dates back to ancient Egyptian times, sugaring franchises only just started to crop up in the beauty industry. While there is definitely a chance that sugaring will continue to grow in popularity, there’s no guarantee it won’t fade away as quickly as it showed up.

Waxing has been a tried and true method of hair removal for many years. Uni K Wax has been providing top-notch waxing services since 1993. With our proprietary blend of wax, freshly made at the beginning of every appointment, clients can feel certain that the wax being used is clean and hasn’t been “double dipped” into – a common concern to those who prefer sugaring to waxing. We promise: one wax blend, one warmer, one customer – every time. Our waxers have all been trained on our specialty waxing technique to maximize comfort for our guests. We take what is normally an “add-on” service and bring it to the forefront of our business model.

Another benefit of starting a waxing franchise – especially a Uni K Wax – is the affordable cost of starting a studio. Less than a laser hair removal business, a waxing studio doesn’t require as much equipment, training, or certifications to get established. Uni K Wax has been a viable option for franchisees along the East Coast and is looking to further expand, in fact a solid 33% of our franchisees were once loyal customers.

If you’re interested in opening a Uni K Wax studio, learn how to get started at unikwax.com/franchises/.

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