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Build a Successful Waxing Business

image of a successful waxing business

Starting a new business is always an exciting venture, and the waxing industry comes with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Buying a franchise with an established brand like Uni K Wax sets you up with a successful waxing business model.


Possessing a thorough understanding of the best waxing products and practices will ensure that you provide superior customer service, which is the foundation of your business. Not all Uni K Wax franchisees are expected to join the brand with a background in waxing but should possess a desire to learn and adapt to grow their business. All new franchisees participate in an interactive training program before and in conjunction with the opening of a new location. Waxing technicians will be trained extensively and certified in the specialized Uni K Wax techniques. Franchisees will receive regular training refreshes, including on-site reviews, to keep them and their staff ahead of the curve on all of the latest and best waxing practices and market trends.


With the global waxing industry estimated to grow to $18.8 billion by 2026, you can expect to find your business positioned against some other local studios offering their own waxing services. Do your research and look for ways to make your waxing business stand apart. What makes your brand unique? This could be anything from services offered, to studio ambiance, to competitive pricing and promotions.


Providing customers with a line of unique products complementary to your waxing services will make a lasting impression and set your business apart from competitors. Uni K Wax is proud to offer a carefully developed line of waxes and aftercare products that enhance our customers’ overall self-care experience.

Our pine-based, proprietary, elastic wax formula is created with pure, natural ingredients to deliver optimal comfort for every skin type. Our after-care products are paraben, preservative, and gluten-free, designed specifically to maintain and extend the Uni K waxing services received in our studios.


While massages and facials are often viewed as luxury services, waxing is considered a more frequent part of the self-care routine. As customers start to experience the long-term benefits of regular waxing appointments, packages are an affordable and convenient option that keeps them coming back to your studio.

The benefits of package pricing work both ways—the pricing allows for increased customer retention to the studio while giving customers a greater value for their money.


While traditional advertising methods and word-of-mouth are still effective methods of promoting your business, nowadays, social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns are ideal for broadcasting news about your studio’s services, service package deals, and other promotions.

Customer testimonials, offered both through your company website and on social media, are another great tool for building brand awareness. Prospective customers will associate your company’s name with a satisfactory waxing experience before they’ve even stepped foot in the door.

While you want to attract new customers, you also want to keep in touch with customers who have already experienced what you have to offer. Fostering relationships and catering to the preferences and needs of your customers are fundamental to owning a successful waxing business.


As an owner of a successful waxing business, your top priority should always be to provide superb customer service performed by highly trained technicians in a professional and relaxing environment. Investing in a waxing franchise, such as Uni K Wax, is a great way to get into the multi-billion dollar waxing industry with a brand that is already well-established and successful across the country.

As the nation’s first waxing-only studio concept, Uni K Wax knows all about making a name for yourself and growing your business. Please visit us to learn more about franchising opportunities.

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