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Skincare Franchises: Which Opportunities Are Profitable?

Woman receiving facial service at a skincare franchise

The self-care industry is on the rise – and that’s not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that occurred during 2020. It turns out that between 2019 and 2020, Google searches for self-care related inquiries skyrocketed by 250%! The market is only poised for continuous growth, making now the ideal time to invest in some kind of self-care business opportunity. A popular option is a skincare-related business. Skincare franchises come in many shapes and sizes. See which opportunities are most profitable and which you should avoid.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Founded in 2004, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is one of the leading massage franchises in the industry. With 493 units throughout the U.S. and Canada, the brand has become a well-known name in the massage industry.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa offers a variety of services including facials for adults and teens, full body waxing, and therapeutic massages including hot stone, deep tissue, prenatal, and CBD-enhanced, to name a few.

This franchise requires a $42,500 franchise fee, with initial startup costs ranging between $581,326 and $695,146. Franchise candidates must have a net worth of $750,000 with $150,000 in liquid assets.

Massage Envy

Massage Envy has been franchising since 2003 but was founded just a year earlier. Bigger than Hand & Stone, the brand has 1,112 locations – a slight dip from last year by about 5%.

The brand was one of the first to offer full-body wellness services, including deep tissue, Swedish, sport, and trigger point massages, rapid tension-relief stretches, and facials for acne-prone skin and even back facials. Massage Envy focuses in offering customized services since every body is different and should be cared for as such.

Franchise candidates should expect to pay a franchise fee of $45,000. Initial investment range to open a Massage Envy franchise is higher than Hand & Stone at $551,850 to $912,000. However, the financial requirements for a potential Massage Envy franchisee are a net worth of $500,000 and a minimum of $150,000 in cash.


A newcomer to the skincare industry, Heyday focuses solely on facial treatments. Similar to how Uni K Wax took what was originally a back-of-salon service and brought it to the forefront, Heyday is making facial treatments the star of the show in their locations. Founded in 2014 and franchising since last year, the brand currently has 10 locations across the U.S.

The brand has expansion opportunities in over 500 territories across the country. Entrepreneurs seeking to pen a franchise agreement should be ready to pay a $50,000 franchise fee. Initial startup costs to open a Heyday ranges between $574,000 and $755,500. The brand requires candidates to have a net worth of $750,000 and liquid assets totaling $350,000 – setting them on the higher end of the spectrum of the other brands on our list.

Uni K Wax: An Alternative Skincare Franchise

Founded in 1993 by CEO, Noemi Grupenmager, in Miami Beach, FL, Uni K Wax is a standout skincare franchise. Unimpressed by what she’d seen across the waxing industry, Noemi founded the first-ever unisex waxing-only studio franchise, making what is typically an add-on service the focal point of the business model.

Uni K Wax offers 160 different head-to-toe services. Using our proprietary, elastic, natural wax blend, we offer a heightened focus on hygiene. Each studio has a wax lab where the wax is prepared before each appointment. Absolutely no double-dipping – one wax warmer, one appointment, every time.

It’s important to note that a bigger system doesn’t always mean better. While Uni K Wax has 32 locations, franchisees are able to receive more one-on-one support from their team of industry professionals.

Consider Franchising With Uni K Wax

The initial investment range to open a Uni K Wax location is between $329,050 and $603,875 – putting us in-line with or right below the other skincare franchise brands on our list, making the break-even point a bit more attainable as you ramp up your business. Franchise candidates must have a net worth of $300,000 and at least $70,000 in liquid assets.

The million-dollar question: Is waxing a profitable business? While we cannot make any earnings claims or guarantees about your performance, we can tell you that waxing studios tend to see a high volume of people. Waxing services are quick, unlike facials or massages. The higher volume of clients, the more you’ll be able to capitalize on your investment.

Waxing is a high-margin, low-overhead service. It’s also popular, not just for women, but men, too! The market is slated to experience record growth through 2026.

Now is the time to join a brand that has revolutionized the waxing industry. To get started with Uni K Wax, fill out this form to request more info.

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