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How The Self-Care Industry is Changing Post-Covid

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2020 and COVID upended many industries, not least of which being the beauty and self-care industry. As the world slowly emerges on the other side of a pandemic and begins to heal, what lessons will we carry with us, and what new opportunities do we have to look forward to?


At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer concern for convenience was a higher priority than environmentally friendly products and packaging. But the emphasis on environmental impact quickly came back into focus, and customers re-engaged with holding brands accountable for providing environmentally and socially conscious products and practices.

Younger customers, in particular, are most interested in engaging with brands that promote ethical beauty and conscious consumerism. Demand for natural, sustainable products and services is at an all-time high, a growing mindset that is at least in some part a result of a pandemic.


During quarantine, there was a definite shift away from a demand for mostly cosmetic beauty products toward more health and wellness products. Skincare and other personal maintenance services remained essential — even heightened — parts of customers’ self-care routines.

For people who were able to keep to pre-COVID routines, as well as for those who picked up new habits, personal grooming products and services will continue to be an essential aspect of their self-care regimen, even after we fully return to “normal.”


Not all shops and studios were able to remain open for any extended periods of time during 2020, and those that did had to pay even more enhanced attention to the hygiene of their spaces. As more and more customers are returning to in-store customer service, spas and studios will do well to retain these detailed practices to provide the safest, most healthy experiences for their customers and their staff.

Strict sanitization and disinfection practices are here to stay. Luckily, for some leaders of the self-care industry, such as Uni K Wax, a commitment to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness has always been a top priority. With their One Wax Guarantee, a practice that was in place well before 2020, Uni K has always taken the utmost care to provide customers with the safest, most stress-free experience.


People may have built their own at-home spa routines during the pandemic to relieve stress and treat themselves, but nothing beats the pampered experience of leaving yourself in the hands of the professionals.

During 2020, people learned the importance of prioritizing self-care and the utter joy of being treated to a luxurious spa treatment. At Uni K Wax, we provide a studio experience that is both pampering and convenient, designed to be enjoyed by customers seeking some pampering in the midst of their busy lives.


Most of the sales by professionals during the greater part of 2020 were over the internet. Companies that sold products and provided consultations online during the pandemic will continue to do so even after their in-store offerings re-expand.

For spas and studios like Uni K Wax that offer their customers a connection to the in-store experience that they can enjoy at home, they help foster an ongoing relationship and guarantee return business, both in person and online.


Not only was Uni K Wax the nation’s first-ever wax-only studio concept, but we have also been setting industry trends and upholding the highest standards of customer service and care since 1993. With our proprietary, biodegradable, gluten-free pine wax blend, Uni K Wax was ahead of the curve from the very beginning.

Uni K Wax is proud to offer prospective franchisees the chance to join an ever-evolving brand that always strives for excellence as a leader in the self-care industry. If you would like to learn more about opportunities in your area, please visit us.

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