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Lunchbox Wax Franchise vs. Uni K Wax: Differences To Look For

Just the facts. See how a LunchboxWax franchise compares head-to-head with Uni K Wax.


LunchboxWax was founded in 2010 and began franchising three years later. The brand currently operates 52 locations. The brand draws its name from the idea that any busy professional can come in on their lunch hour, receive a speedy treatment, and still have time to spare. LunchboxWax prides themselves on providing a unique experience for both clients and franchise owners by offering one-of-a-kind “speed wax” techniques and services carried out by trained “waxologists,” a selection of pre- and post-wax skincare products, and a refined business strategy that is focused on the franchisees.

LunchboxWax values speed not only in their waxing services, but in how quickly a new franchise owner can open his or her business. While times may vary, the average LunchboxWax franchise owner is able to open their salon approximately 90 days after the location lease has been signed. In preparation, the franchise team provides new owners with progress check-ins and customized tools to prepare for launch.

On the other hand, LunchboxWax may face challenges by relying on their waxologists’ previous training to deliver the services that are up to their customers’ standards.


In terms of training for franchisees, LunchboxWax provides 20-28 hours of classroom training, with additional ongoing support. Their large focus on speed may also be a deterrent for certain clientele. While customers value convenience, prioritizing speed may draw focus away from other essential elements of a waxing experience, such as quality service, comfort, and personalization.

The initial franchise fee to own a LunchboxWax location is $49,500, while the total initial investment ranges from $363,910 to $510,145. Ongoing costs include 6% royalty and 3% advertising fees. LunchboxWax offers a 20% franchise fee discount to military veterans who purchase a franchise with the brand.

In May 2022, LunchboxWax rebranded to Radiant Waxing, hoping the new name would point to a “more approachable and aspirational brand identity that appeals to a broader audience.” A full rebranding process can prove both costly for current franchisees (all new signage, marketing materials, etc.) and serve as a deterrent for prospective investors who are left wondering why the company has chosen to shift its approach after 12 years in business.


Uni K Wax was a pioneer in the world of unisex waxing, opening our first studio back in 1993. Under founder Noemi Grupenmager’s forward-thinking vision, Uni K Wax set out to transform the personal grooming industry by providing pristine, customized, top-of-the-line services in an appealing and tranquil environment. While Uni K Wax also values convenience, we spare no effort to deliver the best experiences catered to each client’s specific needs.

Uni K Wax has always been a leader in personal grooming innovation, from our proprietary natural, elastic-wax formula to our precise application and removal techniques, which both reduce service time and optimize comfort. have uniquely integrated wax labs where certified technicians prepare individualized wax warmers for each customer’s service under enhanced hygienic standards.

Uni K Wax’s Operations Training Program consists of approximately 40 hours of classroom and hands-on field instruction structured to provide practical knowledge regarding how to run your studio, including software training, business operations and administration, marketing methods, inventory and financial control, and more.

Waxers will be required to attend and gain certification in our proprietary 2- to 6-week training program prior to opening so that everyone is on board and accustomed with the Uni K Wax methodology and standard of excellence. Upon signing your Franchise Agreement, the typical length of time it takes to open your first studio is between six to eight months.

Uni K Wax startup costs include a $40,000 initial franchise fee, and the initial investment to own a studio ranges from $349,050 to $575,975. If you sign a multi-unit development agreement to open at least three studios, we’ll reduce the initial franchise fee for each studio after you open your first studio. Currently, additional initial franchise fees under the multi-unit development agreement are $30,000 for your second studio and $20,000 for each studio you agree to develop thereafter.

In return for your investment, franchisees gain access to our unique wax blend and service techniques, a carefully developed business model, and a loyal customer base that knows to expect nothing less than excellence, making Uni K Wax a leading waxing franchise that provides a winning business opportunity for motivated entrepreneurs.

To learn more about franchising with Uni K Wax, request info today.

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