Learn more about the steps we are taking against the Coronavirus.


How Uni K Wax Responded to COVID-19

The personal grooming industry has faced various closures and business restrictions this year with the emergence of the Coronavirus. Uni K Wax has adapted and responded by prioritizing the health and safety of our customers and staff while maintaining top-notch service.


Cleanliness and hygienic practices have always been one of the top priorities at all Uni K Wax Studios. Our One Wax Guarantee, which was in place well before 2020, is now more important than ever. Each customer receives their own wax warmer, individually prepared for them by our highly-trained staff. After each service, the wax warmer is taken to our in-studio wax lab where any remaining wax is discarded, and the warmer is thoroughly disinfected by one of our lab technicians.


It’s important that our customers feel safe and relaxed while they’re with us. For this reason, we’ve made some modifications to our Uni K wax studio experience.

We require our staff and customers to maintain social distance while inside our studios. The only close contact should be between each individual customer and their waxer. We are spacing out appointment times and suspending walk-in appointments to prevent gathering and congestion in our reception areas.

Our recently launched Uni K Wax app allows customers to book appointments, automatically check-in, fill out customer information, and pay for services all from their own devices. The new app isn’t only convenient but cuts down on points of contact while in our studios.


Uni K Wax has always considered the cleanliness of our studios to be a point of pride, as the health and well-being of our staff and customers are of the utmost importance. Now more than ever, we are going above and beyond to ensure the safest, most hygienic services and studio environment.

We have increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning in all wax rooms and high-touch areas in our studios. Wax rooms are thoroughly sanitized between each customer appointment. Surfaces throughout the studios are wiped and disinfected multiple times throughout the day. All Uni K Wax employees are trained to go above and beyond to uphold the highest standards of care in each and every way.


In keeping with CDC guidelines, we require all of our employees and customers to wear protective masks or face coverings while inside our studios. Our employees will wear gloves while performing waxing services, which are then discarded and replaced between appointments. We provide hand sanitizer throughout our studios.

Because of the increases in our safety measures, additional supplies and equipment are required to maintain our outstanding levels of services. As a result, some of our studios may charge a temporary nominal COVID-19 fee with each transaction.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Uni K Wax has been working nonstop to implement tools and practices that will best serve and support our franchise business owners and provide world-class customer care.

We are committed to adhering to all federal, state, and CDC guidelines to provide the safest possible environment in all of our studios. We have advised our franchise owners to continue to follow the guidance of local health officials and government mandates, and we offer ongoing support as they make decisions that affect their customers and communities.

Once we are past the COVID-19 pandemic, Uni K Wax will continue to maintain the highest level of excellence for our franchisees and customers.

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