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Waxing Business for Sale: Why Choose a Waxing Franchise

Self-care is at the forefront of people’s minds this year as they begin to prioritize health and family following an arduous lockdown period during the pandemic.


Folks are returning to their regular self-care routines, including hair and nail appointments and, most importantly, waxing. Waxing is not something folks usually do at home, as this process takes a professional touch and top quality products to ensure a smooth and injury-free outcome.


If you’re an investor looking to buy an existing waxing business for sale in your area, you may want to consider a waxing franchise that can provide accurate data and proof of success. Also, looking for a franchise specializing in waxing only, instead of offering various services under one roof, is a good decision because customers crave more niche-specific shops.


Uni K Wax only offers waxing services, utilizing proprietary techniques and exclusive products of the highest quality. A top competitor within a particular niche is significant to the bottom line as many customers prefer a specialty shop for their self-care needs. Clients like to know that the person performing these services is an expert in that sector, not just someone who performs all tasks at the back of a salon.


Because waxing has high margins and low overhead, it’s one of the more profitable personal services. Compared to other personal care services like manicures or haircuts, the time spent on each customer is much shorter roughly 15 minutes on average.


Now that you understand why a waxing business could be a very lucrative investment, here are a few key questions to remember when shopping for an existing waxing franchise. 


Is it Profitable? 

Before buying a waxing business for sale, ask the current owner about the business’ financials. These numbers will give great insight into what’s working and what’s not within the shop’s daily operations. Is this business profitable and are you walking into a well-oiled machine, or does it need some work? You’ll be able to determine if the business is successful by looking at the numbers.


Surveys show that 93% to 99% of waxing customers remove their hair regularly, leading to many repeat customers and predictable monthly income. In addition, a recent study found nearly 8 million Americans used professional waxing services four times or more in six months, making waxing one of the more profitable self-care services in the industry.


About the Financing 

For anyone needing a small business loan to leap into franchising, lenders are usually more willing to work with you if they can analyze past data and performance.  


Lenders can use the data to decide whether they’ll offer a sizable loan for your investment. An established waxing franchise can provide proof of its success, leaving less room for lenders to turn you away.


What is the Total Cost? 

When you buy an existing franchise, you know exactly how much it will cost. Unlike purchasing a startup business, you’re buying a business that has all the costs, fees and expenses laid out, leaving less room for unforeseen expenses.


As an investor, it’s crucial to know the total cost as you plan out your long-term business plan. For example, if you’re hoping to build out a multi-franchise business model, knowing the total cost of each location will affect your growth timeline.


Getting into the Waxing Biz in 2022

Since the beauty and self-care industry is in high demand, and waxing is one of the top services repeat customers are looking for, investors have two ways to get into the waxing franchise business:


Start Your Own Franchise

There are several licensing requirements a new owner must meet before opening up their own waxing business. For example, creating a business plan, forming a legal entity for the company, registering for business taxes, opening up a separate business bank account and credit card, and ensuring the business’ accounting system is in order. 


Once your business is thriving, there is an opportunity to franchise your business on your own. However, this route has its challenges, including finding a team to help grow your franchise into multiple units that are replicable and scalable to ensure growth and success.


All that groundwork and uncertainty can leave any new business owner skeptical and unsure whether they’re up to the task, which is why investing in an existing waxing business for sale could be a better way to go.


Join a Well-Established Waxing Franchise

A great option is to invest in an existing waxing business for sale with its own specialized products and offers like Uni K Wax. Since we’re an natural wax studio, we provide a specialized proprietary wax called Elastik Wax, which is more soothing on the skin than the leading wax used in most salons. Each of our studios has an on-site wax lab to prepare and warm wax before every appointment. 


Also, an existing waxing franchise has immediate brand recognition and a built-in support team to ensure your success. Aside from the proven business model, owners are still working for themselves, but not by themselves.


Join a brand that’s revolutionizing the waxing industry. To learn more about franchising opportunities with Uni K Wax, request info today.

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