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Uni K Wax CEO & Founder Noemi Grupenmager

How a bad leg wax inspired a body waxing business empire

Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of the Uni K Wax Studio franchise, is a visionary pioneer in the body waxing industry. This “Baroness of Bare” was the first to coin the term Brazilian Bikini Wax, the first to open a waxing-only studio — literally creating the industry, and the first to create a proprietary natural wax.

Because of her success, determination, and commitment to improving the body waxing industry, Noemi is also recognized as the preeminent thought leader in the waxing industry, quoted in such beauty publications as Elle, Glamour, Women’s Health, Allure, and more.

Creating an Industry

Noemi had always been frustrated with the pricey, slow and limited hair removal services available in the 70s and 80s. The services were always performed in the back rooms of nail and hair salons. The products usually left her sensitive skin irritated.

It wasn’t until she took her daughter to get a leg wax that she realized the opportunity in front of her. She was quoted $180. After two hours, the waxer informed them she was tired and asked them to come back the next day to finish the service.  They left, with one leg undone. The next day, when the waxing was finally complete, Noemi got a bill for $360. Turns out the $180 quote was just for one leg!

The then-divorced mother of two wanted to raise the standards for body waxing. She imagined a business solely dedicated to waxing for both men and women that was quick, professional, and affordable. She founded the first Uni K Wax Studio in 1993 in Miami Beach, Florida. Because there was no other concept like it at the time, the State of Florida had to create a hair removal category so she could license that first business.

During that time, she worked with a chemical engineer — developing a proprietary natural paraben and gluten-free elastic wax in the process. The product, which took three years to perfect, is ideal for sensitive skin and makes for an unmatched level of comfort when being waxed. The wax allows for larger areas of hair to be removed at once without the use of paper strips — saving money on supplies and valuable time for both the customer and the waxer.

Noemi also designed a precise technique of application and removal to optimize comfort and reduce service time, which is still taught to every waxer at Uni K Wax Studio.

The Miami Beach location was so successful, the studio was servicing 200 customers a day — sometimes turning away business. Noemi knew the model was strong enough to support a franchise and her dream of taking the body waxing industry to new heights. Thanks to her vision, there are now 34 Uni K Wax Studio locations across the United States, and the number is growing.

“My passion to build a better waxing industry has allowed me to expand Uni K Wax into a franchise,” says Noemi. “This was not only to introduce millions of consumers to a better way to body wax, but also to help others fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur through franchise ownership.”

Noemi’s passion is contagious. Many people employed by Uni K Wax Studio over the years have been inspired by her story and have become studio owners.

“I cannot express in words how much joy it brings me to help so many people climb the ladder of success,” she adds.

Poised for Growth

With the systems and infrastructure in place, Uni K Wax is poised for growth in a wide-open sector of the stable and growing beauty and personal care industry. The brand is ranked on the Franchise Times Top 200+, which is considered the most comprehensive ranking of the 500 largest U.S. franchise systems.

“We are thrilled to receive national recognition for our strategic growth,” says Noemi. “Our placement on this prestigious list speaks to the quality of our brand and our passion to continue to grow while providing superior service to our Uni K Wax customers across the country.”

If you want to partner with a visionary and a leader in the body waxing industry, contact us for more information about Uni K Wax franchise opportunities.

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