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Facial Franchises: How They Stack Up to Other Beauty Franchises

Eyebrow wax at a facial franchise

A spa facial franchise is often compared to other beauty franchises. See how it stacks up to other industries so you can make the best investment.

The Facial Industry

The spa facial franchise model varies, depending on the extent of services you plan on offering. This ranges from topical treatments and massage to more intensely therapeutic treatments such as microdermabrasion, injections, and laser treatments. Your menu of services can affect the cost of ownership and operation greatly.

Facial treatments tend to get grouped in with other spa treatments such as massage, body wraps, etc., making facial-only franchises rare in the United States. Most facial-only businesses are operated by independent practitioners. Customers who are dedicated to their routine facials are likely to have already formed relationships with trusted aestheticians, making it an uphill battle for entrepreneurs seeking to start a new, untested franchise.

The average cost to open a facial franchise can range between $200,000 to $500,000, including the initial franchise fee and location build-out. However, those are the upfront costs; and do not take into consideration the necessarily serviceable equipment required to run your business. Many facial franchises require specific and expensive machinery and technology to provide the kind of services facial customers seek. These machines need to be regularly maintained and occasionally upgraded or replaced to keep them functioning at the highest level.

Also, bear in mind that for facial franchises offering more intensive procedures, the employment of medically trained professionals is necessitated by law. These individuals require a much higher salary than the traditional aesthetician.

The Waxing Industry

Waxing studio franchises are a robust and sustainable business prospect, accounting for $11 billion in annual sales within the overall $46 billion beauty services market. Waxing franchises like Uni K Wax offer prospective investors the opportunity to partner with a proven, world-class brand that delivers on both reasonable investment costs and growable business.

Unlike facial franchises, Uni K Wax does not need to rely on high-tech equipment or medical staff to provide the world-class waxing experience that customers seek. And while the cost of opening a Uni K Wax franchise covers everything from training to vigorous marketing outreach, the support is ongoing and always available.

Waxing franchises are prolific across the globe, but there are many features that set Uni K Wax apart as a leader in the industry. Uni K Wax revolutionized the waxing industry back in 1993 when founder Noemi Grupenmager concocted a proprietary wax recipe and an inviting studio experience designed to welcome all clients seeking a world-class experience.

In the years since, Uni K Wax has remained a leader in not only the world of waxing but self-care at home. By offering customers a unique line of after-care products to extend their studio services and pamper themselves at home, Uni K Wax offers yet another reason to become a loyal customer.

For prospective franchisees, Uni K Wax gives investors the opportunity to join a winning concept that continues to evolve with changing trends and needs with a proven business model, reasonable investment costs, and unlimited growth potential.

Both facial and waxing franchises focus on one category of the beauty industry, but Uni K Wax offers over 160 different waxing services designed for all genders and ages, provided by certified and caring professionals. Uni K Wax is able to focus on both cutting-edge services and customer care without worrying about the cost of upkeeping bulky machines.

Uni K Wax’s One Wax Guarantee, which was well in place before the pandemic, ensures that each customer receives their own wax warmer, individually prepared by highly qualified staff. Our in-house wax lab is thorough in disinfecting and replacing warmers between each session. Our dedication to customers’ satisfaction is matched only by our commitment to their health and safety.

Uni K Wax offers prospective franchise owners the chance to join a brand built on quality, integrity, and wellness. If you would like to learn more about franchising opportunities in your area, please visit us.

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