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Four Big Trends For The Fast-Growing Beauty Industry In 2022

beauty industry projections for 2022

The beauty industry is starting to make a comeback from the hit it took during the COVID-19 pandemic; according to a report from Common Thread, the skin care segment is expected to grow to $169 billion by 2025, well above the pre-pandemic value of $136 billion, while the personal care segment is expected to grow from $226 billion in 2019 to $268 billion by 2025. On a year-to-year basis, total sales in the industry are expected to grow throughout 2022 and 2023 as well. Globally, the industry is growing at a rate of 4.75% a year.

With the beauty industry seeing this turn-around, both prospective and established franchise owners might be wondering: What do people want in their beauty products and services? According to articles from Forbes, Fashonista and Vogue, trends in skin care include simplicity, natural ingredients, long-term treatments and technological innovations.


Industry experts have noticed a growing tendency in consumers to keep their skin care regiments simple. The old saying “sometimes less is more” is one consumers are starting to take to heart; rather than investing in numerous products and makeup that use artificial chemicals, using a few basic hydration and protection products like lotions and scrubs to keep skin naturally healthy is proving increasingly popular.

Natural Beauty

Beauty product consumers appear to be looking for include skin care treatments that take less time to apply and make use of natural oils, herbs and supplements that are environmentally friendly. Environmental conservation is of growing importance to consumers; so products that use sustainably harvested ingredients and are developed without animal testing are becoming more and more popular.

Better Skin Through Technology

In addition to products like lotions and creams, consumers are also looking into more technologically based skin care treatments with clinic quality. LED wands and face masks are proving popular and effective, and with the advancement of AI, more brands are turning to apps that can assess skin problems and recommend treatments.

Many brands offer virtual try-on tools and other interactive tech on their apps or online. Even with in-person shopping, technology is changing the game. Some counters have done away with germ-riddled test products and use digital scanners to determine a consumer’s best color match. In the future consumers may turn to personal makeup printers and smart hairbrushes.

Long-Term Treatment

Consumers are turning away from products and procedures that are all about instant results that either won’t last or might lead to problems down the line. Long-term treatments like improving diet with supplements, developing relationships with skin care experts and products that help maintain skin health are much more appealing to modern consumers than acid peels and quick-fix treatments.

Provide For Consumers’ Needs With Uni K Wax

Uni K Wax franchise owners are well-positioned to take advantage of these beauty industry trends during this period of market growth. Uni K Wax’s formula is natural and much gentler than traditional honey wax products, and studio services are designed for regular return visits to maintain skin health while removing unwanted hair. Additionally, Uni K Wax offers a number of personal care products such as bikini balm, ingrown hair serum, body lotions and body scrubs.

Now is a prime time to get into the waxing industry, and doing so through a franchise like Uni K Wax will ensure you’re not going it alone. The franchise model helps provide a support system to newcomers. Anyone interested in getting into the industry has access to a network of fellow franchise owners to provide insight and advice for building or upgrading studios, as well as providing training opportunities and other assistance.

To learn more about the Uni K Wax franchise opportunity, request more information about Uni K Wax today.

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