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Bikini Wax Benefits

Waxing allows your hair to grow thinner, sparser, and weaker and helps exfoliate the skin. By having a waxing routine, you will actually change your hair’s growth cycle and the thickness of your hair follicle. It’s simple- the more you wax, the less hair you’ll have over time!

Types of Bikini

Bikini Line


Removes the hair outside the panty line.

Bikini Line

Front and back

Removes the hair outside the panty line. Includes buttocks strip.

Deep Bikini

Front and back

Removes the hair alongside the panty line and ends at the buttock cheek. Includes buttocks strip.

Full Brazilian Bikini

Front and back

The most popular of our bikini services. Removes all hair from the front of the bikini area. Includes buttocks strip.

Like No Other, the One and Only Uni K Elastik Wax

You can expect optimal comfort, even on the most sensitive skin, at Uni K Wax. Why? Because our natural pine-based, gluten-free, Elastik wax is applied at room temperature for soothing application and easy removal. Not only does it leave you hair-free, but also with smooth, exfoliated skin that you may not recognize as your own!


Buy in-studio today

*This offer is for new customers only. Not combinable 
with other offers. ID will be required to redeem the package.

One Customer, One Appointment, One Warmer

Welcome to the Uni K Wax Lab, the heart of our studios. Here lab technicians prepare your pre-sanitized wax warmer and your wax. No multi-use warmers, no shared wax, no double dipping. Instead, ultra-sanitary, and prepared for your service and you. Just another way we help you leave feeling wonderful.

Our Customers


“First experience and it was a pleasant one. Customer service was great from the moment i walked in to meeting the specialist Laura. She was amazing!. Will visit again soon.”

- Sasha Maragh -


I had a great experience! They were fast and painless. Definitely recommend and will be
coming back.

- Monique Dickerson -


Excellent wax studio! Always have availabilities and very professional staff. Would not go anywhere else and the prices are fair. Maritza is awesome!! Highly recommend her and this studio!

- Claudia Pena -

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it your first time waxing? Or maybe it’s your first time with us. Here are a few answers to questions you may have.

Why Uni K Wax?

We’re a natural wax Studio whose first priority will always be your comfort. Our proprietary, Elastik Wax provides you with an option that is gentle and soothing. With our unparalleled attention to hygiene, each of our Studios have an on-site wax lab to prepare and perfectly warm wax prior to each appointment. In addition, our waxers are trained in an exclusive technique that will have your skin feeling smooth in record time, all while maintaining an optimal level of comfort and care. Still have questions? Visit our About section to learn more.


Our process begins with a thorough cleansing of the area with a natural pre-depilatory toner to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin. After cleansing, thin layers of our natural, gluten-free wax are applied at body temperature with our specialized technique to optimize your comfort and convenience. When the waxing process is finished we apply our post depilatory lotion.  Depending on the area of the body you service we have natural post care treatment that will soothe and relax. For facial services our we offer chamomile gel; for bikini/commando area services our cucumber lotion and cold pack application; and for body areas our Aloe Fresh lotion.

Our goal is to have you leaving the Studio carefree, loving your smooth, hairless skin!


Our proprietary, natural wax formula was created to cater to even the most sensitive skin. Pine-based and completely natural, our soothing wax is paraben free and gluten free. In addition, our wax remains elastic throughout the process to make sure it only adheres to your hair and not your skin, providing optimal comfort.

The elasticity of our wax allows it to stretch and cover large sections of the body for faster hair removal. We can also apply wax to multiple parts of the body at once which means you can simultaneously wax several areas in less time during one quick session!

Of course! Our Touch-Up offerings were designed for this specific reason. Just schedule your Touch-Up service up to 14 days after your bikini or commando service to prolong your smooth results.

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*This offer is for new customers only. Not combinable with other offers. ID will be required to redeem the package.

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