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Nylon: How To Avoid Bikini Bumps

Let’s face it: Along with summer’s heat, humidity, and other sweat-inducing qualities comes a ton of gross beauty problems. From dry, cracked feet to ingrown hairs and chafing, there’s a lot that can hold you back from living the confident poolside life you’re destined to lead. But don’t worry—we’re talking to experts about how to fix them. Welcome to Ew! Beauty.

Ah, bikini bumps.

We’ve all had those moments where we dry-shaved our bikini line while in a rush to get to the beach, or we didn’t properly take care of our delicate skin down there post-waxing, and bam—before we know it, our upper thighs and bikini line area are covered in a bunch of awful red bumps. The result of ingrown hairs and built-up dead skin and bacteria, bikini bumps can be as annoying and painful as they are unsightly.

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