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How To Switch From Shaving To Waxing, According To A Hair Removal Expert

If you choose to remove your body hair, the struggle can be so, so real. Whether you shave, wax, or use depilatory products, you’re probably in for some kind of discomfort, be it existential in dropping dollars and landfill waste, or of body as you zap and rip out follicles until they submit to your bidding. I think if I had soft, downy, body hair I’d be more into letting it stick around, but it’s pretty loud, so I still give it the boot even though I often loathe the process.

Uni K Wax is changing everything, and they make it easier to not only switch from shaving, but to make an environmental impact by ditching those waxing papers so commonly used in the process. Founder and CEO of Uni K Noemi Grupenmager told me a few secrets for a most awesome transition from shaving to waxing. After trying all her tips firsthand, I can confirm they make the switch much simpler.

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