Frequently Asked Questions

Is it your first time waxing? Or maybe it’s your first time with us. Here are a few answers to questions you may have.

Why Uni K Wax?

We’re an all-natural wax Studio whose first priority will always be your comfort. Our proprietary, elastic-wax provides you with an option that is more gentle and less irritating than other waxing services. With our unparalleled attention to hygiene, each of our Studios have an on-site wax lab to prepare and perfectly warm wax prior to each appointment. In addition, our waxers are trained in an exclusive technique that will have your skin feeling smooth in record time, all while maintaining an optimal level of comfort and care. Still have questions? Visit our About section to learn more.

Our process begins with a thorough cleansing of the area with a natural antiseptic lotion to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin. After cleansing, thin layers of our all-natural, gluten-free wax are applied at body temperature with our specialized technique to optimize your comfort and convenience. When the waxing process is finished we apply our soothing aloe vera lotion.

Our goal is to have you leaving the Studio carefree, loving your smooth, hairless skin!

Our proprietary, all-natural wax formula was created to cater to even the most sensitive skin. Pine-based and completely all-natural, our wax soothes and reduces irritation and redness. In addition, our wax remains elastic throughout the process to make sure it only adheres to your hair and not your skin, providing optimal comfort.

The elasticity of our wax allows it to stretch and cover large sections of the body for faster hair removal. We can also apply wax to multiple parts of the body at once which means you can remove more hair in less time with one quick session!

Of course! Our Touch-Up offerings were designed for this specific reason. Just schedule your Touch-Up service up to 14 days after your full waxing to prolong your smooth results.

Why Wax?

Don’t do it! Come in for a Touch-Up instead. Shaving between waxing will completely reverse the progress you’ve made in diminishing hair growth. It disrupts the hair growing cycle, causing unevenness and shortening the time period of smooth skin. We are the only waxing service to offer Touch-Ups (up to 14 days after your wax) to get those pesky hairs that were unable to be waxed during the initial session. This service is also a great option for those transitioning from shaving to waxing.

Waxing is far more effective as a long-term hair removal choice as hair grows back much slower, lighter, thinner and more sparse. Plus, it helps you avoid the daily shaving risks of ingrown hairs, nicks, cuts and razor burn. Yikes!

Laser hair removal is not for everyone. Since the laser can target darker pigment, those with darker skin can easily be burned and are not good candidates. Also, those with both light skin and light hair may not achieve optimal results. Our all-natural waxing process is great for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin! Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal is not permanent. On average, only 60–70% of unwanted hair is removed. In addition, laser is an extremely expensive option, with a cost anywhere from $200–$900 per treatment. In comparison, our natural wax procedures are very affordable, with a number of discounts available through our promotions and rewards program.

No need to worry. We thoroughly cleanse the waxing area prior to waxing to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin.

While hair grows back after waxing, it is softer, finer and more sparse. On average, most of our customers repeat waxing every 3–6 weeks depending on personal hair growth. If you wax consistently, it will change the growth cycle and physiology of your hair follicle, causing growth to diminish. It’s simple—the more you wax, the less hair you’ll have over time.

The industry standard is 1/8” to 1/4” long; however, at Uni K Wax, no hair is too short. Our application technique and elastic wax will attract even the finest of unwanted hair.

To optimize results, it’s best to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. So drink lots of water and create a skin routine with our product line to exfoliate and moisturize between waxes.

We can’t claim to be ouch-less, but we can promise you a more comfortable waxing experience. Everything about our process from our elastic, paper-less wax applied at body temperature to our expert level of professionalism aims to relieve your discomfort and offer a more relaxing waxing solution.

We recommend you avoid exfoliating 2–3 days prior to and after waxing, as our wax gently exfoliates skin. To maintain healthy and soft skin between waxes, you should exfoliate twice a week with our Ananda Exfo Cream. It’s gentle to skin and free from parabens, preservatives and gluten.

Always wax prior to tanning, but remember to wear sun protection with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from getting red and sunburned. Try our K-Solshade Sunscreen Cream for the face and body to defend against harmful UV rays.

Who Can Wax?

Of course they do! In fact, more and more men are turning to waxing as their preferred hair removal process. Men enjoy the muscle definition that comes with waxing (can’t lie, we do too!), as well as the convenience and ease in eliminating unsightly ear and nostril hair.

We have many customers who wax with us up to the week of giving birth; however, we recommend you consult with your doctor first.

We believe smooth skin can start at any age; however, customers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Visit For Teens to view a full offering and pricing page.

Let your waxer know if you are under the use of Accutane, AHA, Renova, Retin-A or corticosteroids such as hydro-cortisone, prednisone, Kenalog and Elocon.

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